Computer Science Minor

The Computer Science minor is available to students majoring in other disciplines - such as Mathematics and Economics - who wish to study some aspects of a traditional computer science curriculum but are not able to take the full Computer Science major.
The Computer Science minor curriculum is designed to enable students to meet the following skill- or competency-based outcomes and show mastery of some computer science knowledge and skills, through an ability to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of and ability to apply current theories, models, techniques and technologies that provide a basis for problem solving
  • work as an effective individual and as part of a team to develop and deliver quality software
  • have the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  • be aware of key ethical issues affecting computer science and their responsibilities as computer science professionals
  • learn new theories, models, techniques and technologies as they emerge and appreciate the necessity of such continuing professional development.

Typical employment areas for graduates are: programmers/analysts; systems analysts; software quality assurance analysts; network systems and data communications analysts; Internet developers or Web designers; database administrators; system administrators; or network administrators.

To complete the requirements for a Computer Science minor, a student completes six COS courses, at least one from each of the following groups:

Total: 6 Courses

INF 140 Basics in C# Programming
COS 150 Discrete Structures
COS 220 Concepts of Programming Languages
COS 235 Computer Architecture
COS 301 Compiler Theory
COS 331 Operating Systems

Software Development:
INF 110 Visual Basic Programming
COS 120 Software Development Using C++
COS 221 Fundamental Data Structures
COS 240 Object-Oriented Programming
COS 315 Software Engineering
COS 460 Algorithms

Advanced Topics:
COS 231 Introduction to UNIX
INF 280 Database Systems
COS 440 Computer Networks
COS 470 Artificial Intelligence and AI Programming
COS L97 Topics in Computer Science (L - defines the level of the course)

All prerequisites, procedures, and other conditions, specified for any of the courses in the Computer Science major, are applied for the respective courses in the minor as well.