Student Clubs

The Hub

We are a community of young and ambitious students with an interest in software development, engineering, design and technology. We believe that getting together with like-minded individuals to exchange experience and ideas is the key ingredient needed to ignite innovation and entrepreneurship into the minds and hearts of fellow enthusiasts. This is what truly motivates us to get together, organize events and bring change.

President: Alex Mishev (

URL: Webpage, Hack AUBG

SET Club


The Software Engineering Team is a group of people working together to improve each others skills mainly focused on Computer Science. However, it is not only that. We help designers and marketing people hone their talents with the multiple projects that the other departments and the club as a whole needs.

President: Toni Gashi (

URL: Webpage

Elevate AUBG

Elevate AUBG Accelerator

The AUBG Acceleration Program “Elevate” is a 4-month experience and mentorship-based program designed to help you start a business. During the program, the participating teams will have access to many workshops, training and a mentorship network comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and AUBG alumni. Each team will get a startup capital to kick-start their development.

The program is an initiative of AUBG, inspired and built by a local venture capital fund and led by a team of AUBG students with an entrepreneurial spirit.

URL: Webpage