One of AUBG’s main goals is to promote the interests of its students and the friendly interaction among them after their graduation. Alumni are a very important part of the AUBG family and we strive to offer them a variety of ways to remain connected with each other and the community.

With thousands of graduates and undergraduates worldwide, it is important to maintain the bond between the University and its alumni and to provide them with meaningful ways to interact after leaving AUBG. A dedicated Alumni Affairs Office constantly works to develop and improve the relationship between the University and its former students.

Alumni Success Stories


According to the fall 2016 AUBG alumni placement and salary survey, 99.8 per cent of the AUBG graduates are employed, 65 per cent get two or more job offers at graduation, 20 per cent earn  more than $100,000/year, 11 per cent own or partner in companies, 50 per cent attain graduate degrees and 20 per cent of experienced alumni in the U.S. earn  more than $250,000/year.

Survey Results in PDF