Diploma Thesis

The Diploma Thesis involves the development of a capstone software development project in Computer Science or Information Systems, for individual  students, carried out under the direction of a Computer Science faculty supervisor. Students work on the conception, design and implementation of a significant project that results in a demonstrable software application.

Some notable theses developed and defended in the recent years include:

  • Exploratory analysis of Bulgarian academic performance tendencies through Statistical Machine Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning in computer games
  • Shut down My PC when I Fall Asleep
  • Financial Forecasting with Neural Networks
  • Time Series Forecasting for Mobile Phone Prices
  • Cloud Based Student Information Chatbot


Senior Project general regulations, guidelines for writing the report and a list of banned software can be found below.

NOTE: These files are given as an example and they might be outdated. To get a most-recent version of them, check your senior project page on Canvas or ask your supervisor.